Holiday shows & more!

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Every musical show (1 hour) weaves carefully selected and arranged specialty music,
fun characters with costumes & props, comedy & audience participation, sets, often giveaways,
overture music (with new "Propmaster Pre-show" for early arrivals) & afterglow outro music...
all into a jam-packed production whole she-bang of 90+ minutes!
Every day is a Holiday,                Every show is
and below are                                                    the whole nine yards!
just a few....                                                         It's a potpourri for you!
Valentine affair                                                             ...that
Chinese new year                                                          lively 
Presidents day                                                             singing 
Mardi Gras madness                                                 interactive
St. Patty's beer blast                                                 all-themes 
Easter egg hunt                                                            show 
Cinco de Mayo
fiesta                                               entertainer 
Mother's Day brunch
                                 you've  been  looking  for!
Flag Day parade                                                   Each show is a
Father's Day social                                                    musical
Summer kickoff                                                         comedy
4th of July picnic                                                    production
Labor day barbecue                                                filled with
Grandparents day occasion                                   costumes
Oktoberfest                                                                  props
Halloween masquerade gala                                  scene sets
Veterans Day
presentation                                     interaction
Thanksgiving gathering                                      great repertoire
Christmas spectacular                                             characters
New Year's celebration                                      and loads of fun!!!


Somebody scream!!!
It's Mardi Gras in New Orleans
 The Bourbon Street Parade is coming
Down by the Riverside,
and the Saints are Marching In
We'll meet Louis Armstrong, the Blues Brothers,
and Alexander's Ragtime Band
Feet Don't Fail Me Now on the Blue Bayou
A Dixie medley from My Bonnie to Swanee River...
Then we're Dancin' in the Street... I Feel Good!
A little Old Time Rock and Roll, and lots of beads!!!
From jazz to zydeco to Soulman!
We country 2-step Down at the Twist and Shout,
meet Minnie the Moocher with Cab Calloway,
Rockabye Your Baby and Shake, Rattle & Roll!


A-Tisket, A-Tasket...I'm Peter Cottontail,
doin the Bunny Hop & giving chocolate eggs to all.
Then I Put On My Sunday Clothes
and bring out the hatboxes!
I invite the ladies to wear one of my crazy bonnets
for the Easter Parade or a spring fling!
We bop with Red Robin, the Rockin' Robin,
& we Shake a Tail Feather in the Chicken Dance!
Join my Spring Chick Review from Guys & Dolls!
You Make Me Feel So Young!
We Tiptoe Thru the Tulips because
Everything is Coming Up Roses! 
(Please Don't Eat the Daisies.)
Get Happy and Build Me Up, Buttercup! 
It's a Wonderful World with Blue Skies,
and I'm Feeling Good! 
We celebrate the ladies and bring out the bonnets!
April Love....with a Red Hat Society  tea party!
Pink, red and purple, boas and hats for all the girls!
Soft and sweet, elegant and Sophistated Lady!
The birds are singin' for Me and My Gal!
Ain't She Sweet?  Isn't She Lovely?
Oh, You Beautiful Doll! 
....and then It's May! It's May! (Camelot)
I'm Mother Nature,  welcoming the first of May
as we dance around my colorful ribboned Maypole.
I am Woman! That's W-o-m-a-n! R-e-s-p-e-c-t!
...Mother's Day!         Mama, you're My Girl!
My Best Girl...The Wind Beneath My Wings!
Because You Loved Me!
She Works Hard For the Money! 
Mama Said....Que Sera Sera.

Aloha! Welcome to my Little Grass Shack!
I'm HoneeLuLu, passing out leis & grass skirts
for all the Polynesian dancing wahines (girls).
I've Got a Lovely Bunch of Coconut bras,
and I teach graceful choreography with our
Lovely Hula Hands and other authentic songs.
Then we Twist with training wheel hula hoops
and shake it up with our maracas,
and find warriors to do the Hawaiian War Chant!
We discover Elvis in the audience,
and I act out his hits from Blue Hawaii! 
We honor a couple who wish to renew their vows
to the Hawaiian Wedding Song
as I play my ukelele.
 Then I bring out my bubble machine
and the staff join in with more bubbles
when Don Ho joins us for Tiny Bubbles!
Aloha-Oe...until we meet again!

See Trina's September 2, 2022 luau at Chartiers Bend Retirement Resort

I'm tacky tourist June--Bustin' Out All Over!
We go to the baseball game & cheer on the Bucs!
Then to a cookout -- fire up the grill & hold the pickles!
Hot Diggity... it's Watermelon Weather and
I'm a Cheesburger in Paradise.  Name all Heinz 57!
We're Under the Boardwalk and Up On the Roof!
In the Good Old Summertime the livin' is easy!  
Put on your Teenie Yellow Polka-Dot Bikini and
grab a surfboard with the Beach Boys & Elvis,
but watch out for JAWS! ... Gonna need a drink!
It's happy hour at the Margaritaville & we enjoy a
Rum and Coka Cola, Pina Colada & Tequila!
We're at Kennywood park and the arcade where 
It's Only a Paper Moon, then it's onto WestView's Danceland pavillion...
I Heard That Song Before!
In the Cool, Cool, Cool of the Evening we act out
a little Summer Lovin' from the movie GREASE!
Summer Nights, everybody are you ready?
    ---It's A Grand Night for Singing! 
Want a summer variation?
It's Carnival Time! I'm a clown 
 Be a Clown! Make 'em Laugh! Carousel! Circus! State Fair! 
Caribbean Getaway! I'm a pirate 
...from Disney to Penzance...LoveBoat, Kokomo, Margaritaville,
Rum & Coka Cola, reggae, soca, Caribbean Queen, Island Girl 
Beach Party! I'm a mermaid
Under the Boardwalk, Under the Sea & Beyond the Sea!
PolkaDot Bikinis, Little Mermaid, Jaws... Rock the Boat!


I'm your Bavarian barmaid, big Berta Hamburg!
Let's Drink Drink Drink at the Cabaret 
because In Heaven There Is No Beer!
The hills are alive with The Sound of Music!
I'm the Happy Wanderer--Climb Every Mountain
In a singalong, we all become the Von Trapp family! 
I'm Maria, warming us up (Do-Re-Mi)
and after we find Captain Von Trapp,
we sing of Edelweiss and our Favorite Things...
German chocolate cake & Bavarian cream pie! 
World champion yodeller Katrinka arrives 
and we have a yodeling contest!
The fall festival continues in America as we see
Autumn Leaves & the Orange Colored Sky!
Harvest Moon, Silvery Moon, Paper Moon &
I Moonlight Serenade you with my flute!
We Don't Sit Under the Apple Tree...
We dance to the Beer Barrel Polka!   


Well, pilgrim...Be Our Guest!
We Gather Together and Count Our Blessings!
Show Me the Way to Go Home! 
I'm catching the Chattanooga Choo-Choo because
There's No Place like Home For the Holidays! 
Over the River and Through the Woods...
We hunt a Turkey in the Straw for the big dinner
because the Wampanoag Indians come to eat.
That's What Friends Are For!
Now I'm Locohontas, passing out colorful feathers,
and we do an authentic American Indian dance.
He's Got the Whole World In His Hands!
It's Turkey Lurkey Time!
God Bless Us Everyone! 
I perform a couple original songs for the occasion.
Finally we go to New York, New York
for the Macy's parade! 
We sing Amazing Grace and God Bless America.
We Are Family.
Thank You for Being a Friend!



What Are You Doing New Years? Join us!
Reminiscing...Thanks For the Memories!
Those Were the Days, my friend!
Tonight is Some Enchanted Evening,
and I'm Steppin' Out with my baby! 
Let's Start the New Year Right!
There's Gonna Be a Great Day,
and This Could Be the Start of Something Big!
Count down with Guy Lombardo to Auld Lang Syne
Big band music and The Best of Times is now!
Happy Days Are Here Again, so Get Happy!
We crown the New year Baby Face, and
we are So Excited to have a Celebration!
Let's Shout because The Best is Yet to Come!

 Every one of Trina Janura's holiday shows is
packed with goodies & fun!
 Check out the "party menu" and "monthly shows" pages
for more theme & holiday shows throughout the year!

I'm the queen of hearts and
I Just Called to Say I Love You! 
Let Me Call You Sweetheart! 
I tell the story of St. Valentine, and That's Amore!
I become Stupid Cupid ... your Funny Valentine.
With L-O-V-E in the air,  we find the Candyman
Speaking of sugar daddy... 
Marilyn Monroe makes an appearance,
throwing (Hershey) kisses!!!
This Kiss!  I Wanna Be Loved By You!
Kiss me once and kiss me twice and
kiss me once again!
It's The Power of LoveAt Last!
Gimme Some Lovin', cause
I Love You More Today Than Yesterday!
I Will Always Love You....
Forever and Ever, Amen!


 St. Patrick's Day! 
Begosh and begorrra, I'm Trina Janura,
and I'm full of the blarney today!
I'm a leprechaun doin' an Irish Jig.
It's a Great Day for the Irish,
so If You're Irish, Come Into the Parlor,
and we'll singalong to all the pub drinking songs!
It Isn't Easy Bein' Green.
I'm the Wild Irish Rose, the Wild Rover,
finding a pot of gold Over the Rainbow.
I'm Looking Over a 4 Leaf Clover.
Who Threw the Overalls in Mrs. Murphy's
ChowderI'm Harrigan, full of shenanigans...
there's MaryKathleen,  and Peg 'O My Heart!
We visit Dear Old Donegal & Dublin,
but It's a Long Way to Tipperary!
When Irish Eyes Are Smilin' we'll do another jig! 
We march around with the fighting Irish of Notre Dame.
I play the flute for Danny Boy and
we sing Toora Loora with Bing Crosby. 
Then a rousing finale with the Lord of the Dance,
Ireland's Call from Celtic Thunder,
and Amazing Grace with the Celtic ladies! 


Up, Up and Away!

Cinco de Mayo!
Bring on the fiesta!  Bring out the pinata!
Arrriba---rriba! I'm Chiquita Banana!
Welcome to the Copa Cabana,
with Carmen Miranda,
The Lady in the Tutty Fruity Hat! 
Or is it Charo?  Coochie coochie! 
We go South of the Border
and I pass out sombreros and maracas. 
We cha-cha, rhumba, merengue and more.
We tango at Hernando's Hideaway,
  Then we go to the arena and see a bullfight
(we select someone as matador and bull)
where nobody is bored, gored or sworded!
We cheer ole to the sounds of the Tijuana Brass! 
We enjoy Rum and Coca Cola, Tequila,
and Pina Coladas at the Margaritaville cafe,
we celebrate with the Mexican Hat Dance,
the Limbo, the Macarena,
and do the Conga line to Hot Hot Hot!

4th of July!
Hey leader, Strike Up the Band
Everyone is Comin' to America and
Yankee Doodle Trina is leading the parade! 
She's a baton-twirling, banner-waving,
Streamer-flying Grand Marshall with 
fife & drum, and Grand Old Flags for all!
God Bless the USA with Stars & Stripes Forever!
We salute all the branches of the armed forces.
We sing along to all the patriotic favorites!
Then we swing with Glenn Miller hits
and the Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy. 
Gee, I Wish I Was Back In the Army!
Let's R.O.C.K. in the USA!
God Bless America!
This show can be merged with the summer show!


State Fair festival under the Orange Colored Sky!
Take Me Out to the Ballgame! Who's On First?
A Moonlight Serenade in September!
Shine on, Harvest Moon!
Allegheny Moon...Silvery Moon...
(It's Only a Paper Moon) 

Jambouree in the Hills!
Howdy, Pardner--It's flannel follies...
how about a 
Harvest Hayride Hee-Haw Hillbilly
Rootin-Tootin-Hootin-anny Hoe-Down!
Howdy! Y'all Come for some Mountain Music!
 I'm Ellie Mae, Back in the Saddle Again with
Spurs that Jingle Jangle Jingle! Yee-haw!
Me and my horse Mr. Ed act out Rawhide...
We're Home on the Range, so Don't Fence Me In
We trot west to the Ponderosa and Oklahoma
At Gilley's we'll 2-Step and Square Dance and
foot-stomp and line dance and lasso the bull!
Let 'er Rip with songs from today's artists!
 Then we go to the Rocky Top county fair 
for a hog-calling contest, pickling & yodeling,
and an interactive Old MacDonald that is more 
Crazy than HEE-HAW and the Chicken Dance!  
I'm On the Road Again to Country Roads!
Happy Trails!   ...Y'all Come back now, ya hear?

Folks love this musical show any time of year!  
Hello, Baby!  It's back to Happy Days!
I'm Sandra Dee, with my ponytail, poodle skirt,
bobby socks and saddle shoes! 
Dick Clark's Bandstand crashes our gym At the Hop
Big Bopper, Bill Haley, Chuck Berry, the Chordettes
and so many more 50's hitmakers are re-enacted!
We're at the soda shop with Frankie Avalon
We're at the jukebox with Perry Como
We find Elvis is in the building to perform!! 
We're at the bowling alley with the Pink Ladies!
... In fact, we act out all the fun GREASE songs! 
We're at the Beauty shop with Frenchie,
modeling her wild wig creations! 
We lindy hop, bop, shake, rattle, roll, stroll,
swing, jump, jive, twist & shout
Now it's time to say goodbye with
Annette, Bobby and the Mickey Mouseketeers!
See ya later, Alligator!

Trina's October shows video teaser







Goood Eeevnink.   I'm Vampira...
the Phantom of the Opera!
Come-on-a My House...I'm gonna give you candy... 
 There's a Moon Out Tonight
and we're in the Twilight Zone,
so bevare ov dee creatures ov dee niiiite!
With my Witchcraft, I've Got You Under My Skin.
 In my cauldron of That Old Black Magic,
I stir up Love Potion #9. 
The wicked witch of the west crashes the party...
then the Witchdoctor, Wooly Bully and the
Purple People Eater pay a visit. 
We find Ghostbusters to get rid of the ghosts,
we see the Alley Cat sing Memory,
we go into a Time Warp,
and visit the Munsters and the Adams Family.
We do the Monster Mash and pick the best costumes.
It's a howling good time.  I Love the Nightlife! 
This is not just a Little Shop of Horrors--
this show is a Thriller!


Happy Holidays
All aboard the Polar Express!
I'm Christmas Tree-na with Jingle Bells,
taking you on a Sleigh Ride
in the Winter Wonderland!
It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!
I've Got My Love to Keep Me Warm!
 Then I'm a 19th Century caroler. 
Here We Come A-Caroling, Caroling....
and everyone joins singing the holiday favorites!
Hark, the Herald Angels Sing Joy to the World!
Next, a Hanukah medley & Dreidle Song!
Baby, It's Cold Outside,
but we have some Hot Chocolate, so Let it Snow!
 We Need a Little Christmas,
so we Deck the Halls and bring out 
the Radio City Rockettes for more song & dance! 
 Next, folks can be an elf or reindeer,
wearing a crazy elf hat or antlers.
We choose a Rudolph, & Here Comes Santa Claus!
Then a Radio City production Snow medley,
the Hane's Sisters, Sisters act,
and White Christmas finale!  Hallelujia! 
 We light candles for SILENT NIGHT!
We Wish You a Merry Christmas
and Feliz Navidad!


                               God Bless America!